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Get Top Cash For Structured Payments

Are you receiving regular payments from an insurance company as a result of an injury? Do you need cash now?

You may have already seen similar advertisements on television telling you to sell your future payments for lump sum cash. How can you be sure that you'll get the best deal? The truth is you can't.

Until now!

What you are about to learn can save you tens of thousands of dollars. The key is to avoid selling your settlements through middlemen. Also known as brokers. When you deal with brokers you will get less. Don't ask them because they'll tell you that their "commissions" are paid by the investors.

DO NOT shop the internet! The internet is full of brokers, referring agents, and cloned investors. They would like you to believe that they are the ones buying the payments. In actuality, they shop for a price, they take a commission for themselves, and you take home the rest.

There are less than a half dozen direct buyers of settlements. If you search the internet under settlement buyers, you'll find hundreds of brokers pretending to be direct sources. In all fairness they're not pretending they just won't tell you the whole story. Wouldn't you do the same?

When you shop with brokers, your name and personal information will be passed onto one of the half-dozen buyers. A couple of these direct sources quote their brokers on a first come first serve basis. Calling these sources after a broker has quoted you will do you no good. You see, your name is locked into their computer AT THE PRICE QUOTED TO YOU BY THE BROKER for up to one year. The broker is guaranteed a commission regardless of when you sell the payments.

For the brokers this is the easiest money they'll ever make. They take down your personal information, they shop for a quote, and they build in the profit$. Talk about the perfect homebased business.

It's a wonderful business. And extremely profitable. Brokers are building their fortunes brokering these payments. But it can cost you thousands of dollars. We've heard of people paying up to $5,000 to be in this business ( using the same sources revealed here ).

We'd like to give you the complete listing of direct buyers of structured payments. Their names, toll free numbers, and other contact information.

Everything you need is here, and available for instant viewing through the Amazing Secrets Private Access Site. You can view online, or print for storage.

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